Iris Hendriksen

Iris Hendriksen

UX Designer and Researcher

ux designer and researcher

Hi! Currently I am looking for my next challenge as an experience designer and researcher. Let’s connect!

Nice to meet you. I am a UX Researcher and Designer with a background in product engineering (TU Delft). I believe that true innovation happens when we embrace the richness of diversity, and I am eager to learn different perspectives and understand my own biases.

In essence, I’m not just a designer; I’m a storyteller, a problem-solver, and an advocate for creating meaningful connections between people and technology.

Let’s blend creativity with purpose and shape experiences that leave a lasting impact.

User centered

The basis for solving a problem is understanding the users and their needs.

Inclusive and accessible

Great designs come from an accessible and inclusive research approach.


Good ideas stand or fall by storytelling and visualisation.