Iris Hendriksen

Iris Hendriksen

UX Designer and Researcher

msc group project

Designer Baby

Design to provoke critical thinking

Future vision on technology

Branding and User Experience design (UX)

Debby the designer baby is a project that questions rapid growing technologies and makes people be critical on these innovations. Nowadays there are possibilities to make small adjustments in DNA. But in the near future this could go way further.

Debby is a design where people can choose every characteristic of their baby. Tweak your progeny until perfection! What IQ would you choose if everything is possible? Which sexual orientation? What skin colour?

What I enjoyed most about this project is the conversations with the people who interacted with the design. Asking them questions and triggering them to start talking about the reasons of certain choices. And do we even want to make these choices?

With this project we were invited to stand on Highlight Festival Delft.